Norm De Plume's Disco Lounge with Paxton Fettel

  • Having brought Ben La Desh to London for his debut back in February, Plumage Records' Disco Lounge returns this May at Look Mum No Hands! This time Norm brings to London a young Danish producer who's hotter than hot right now with an amazing release that's just dropped on Apersonal, plus 3 brilliant EPs previously released on Gretta Cottage Workshop. We're talking of course about Paxton Fettel from Copenhagen, the producer whose mature sound and unique production belie his years. Things you may, or may not know about Paxton Fettel: -His real name is Nicholas, tho most people call him Theo. It's kinda become the standard now. It's his mum's doing, she insisted that his middle name should be Theodor. -26 winters deep. -He lives and breathes in Copenhagen. Workin' in a Keyboard/studio equipment retailer by day, workin' the chowns by night. -He co-runs Greta Cottage Workshop, which will release his debut album on 25th May. It's completely lovely and not to be missed. -This year is his 10 year-DAW anniversary and he's thinking it might just well be his last. He's hoping to get the last few things outside the box this year, and finally let the computer play a less important role. Analog has taken control of him, and there's no escaping it anymore, the tactile feel speaks to the young Dane's brain in a much more creative way. There's just no getting around it. - It's only the young Dane's 2nd time in London, it's been 16 years since his 1st visit so we should really try to make an impression on him, it's the least we can do.... - He hates the gym, but loves riding his bike around Copenhagen so it's actually extremely fitting to have him play in a LMNH bike shop/cafe. - 1.87 meters tall. - He's playing with Detroit Swindle in Copenhagen the weekend after. (After those two weekends - probably just 1.83 meters tall :) - Rumour has it he's making an appearance on PLUMAGE04, but we couldn't possibly comment about that....yet. Look Mum No Hands! is a rarely used London venue. A cafe and bike shop by day, the Plumage team will once again transform it into an intimate , warm space where vinyl will reign supreme over the CD, laptop & memory stick and deep disco vibes will emanate from the crystal clear (specially installed) sound system. There'll be a lovely selection of craft beers on draught as well.
  • Norm De Plume's Disco Lounge with Paxton Fettel - Flyer front