We Have Fun

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    Plaza de Funk, 601, DJ Rokit, AWE, Molloy, Fatman 88, Dan Priddy, DJ Hell Yeah, Mr Bump
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  • For those of you who have regained motor neural functions after the pant saturating ecstasy of Octobers We Have Fun, comes an even more piss takingly brain cell genocide incurring line up! Featuring breakspoll award winning breaks house havoc from DJ, Producer and Beat Sorcerer Plaza de Funk! We blast off to explore strange new worlds of space age electro indie house from the far out and too-cool-for-this-planet Dj Rokit! Speeding down the A1 to teach us poncey London sassenachs a thing or two about highly calorific slices of pumping wax comes the big man himself Fat Man 88! Downstairs in the live room back for a second helping of thumping break beat insanity and with a soon to be released new album to boot please be upstanding for the 601! Crocodile clips will be attached to our nipples and a sharp shock of dirty Shoreditch electro will be administered in irresponsibly large doses by the wonderful Molloy! And last but not least our taste buds will be beguiled by the impossibly smooth electro pop funk of the delicious Dan Priddy. Ladies are requested in advance to control themselves. All this still more from the resident crew Djs Hell Yeah, Mr Bump and AWE!! So get yourselves there and be indoctrinated by our dangerous brand of funaticism!
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