Tropicana Sunday

  • The Idjut Boys The Idjut Boys don’t make the kinda dumb productions that usually proliferate dance music. Their tracks grab disco, dub, electro, funk, house, hip hop and rock, then fuse the lot into the kind of groove that leaves dancefloors reeling and their peers speechless. With odd track titles like ‘Frogs Arrrse’, ‘Tea Tray Formerly Known As Coffee Table’ and ‘Caught Short’ the lads are always looking to lighten a dance world that most producers take a tad too seriously. Conrad and Dan met each other, in Cambridge, at the end of the Eighties, forming a ‘bond’ that led to them moving to London… throwing their own parties and launching the record label U-star. Famously one of their 12’s got heavily played by François Kevorkian an honor that drove them on to discover new highs touring the world and back again. U-star, Cottage, Noid, Nuphonic all put out the lads dance-floor experiments, many of which now fetch big money on ebay and have become a massive part of British House Music History. The lads have also remixed all the biggies from the Scissor Sisters to M People shedding their own light with each new take. Their eclectic DJ sets have become legendary, consistently winning them new fans as a ‘nu’ school generation of clubbers discover that the best music is made on the margins. To sample their pleasures check out ‘Saturday Nite Live’ on Nuphonic if you can find it. Or more recently ‘Press Play’ on Tirk which features exclusive re-edits compiled, tweaked and twisted by the lads. The Chemical Brothers were even seen walking on to their edit of Tantra, ‘A Place Called Tarot’ recently at Brixton academy. A sure fine sign that the lads still hold the torch. Both still look hard to buy… new, old, different, unheard records in an age when most follow the lists. If anything the present climate is seemingly turning back to meet the Idjuts once more. Eclecticism, musical variation, the underground, those margins where the true music enthusiast thrives, are back and anything is possible again. Or did it never go away? All Dan and Conrad want to do is give people a good time and put a smile on their faces, while they do it. Amen to that. Toby Tobias first sampler was a roland s-50 , bought in 1990 from leytonstone , started making techno/house hybrids , inspired by sounds of Colin Dale and Faver , as well as prouction partner being heavy b- boy , so hip hop was a large part in the mix . First track played in public was on Colin Favers’’ demo dat pressure ’’ section , and after that it all went a bit quiet as raving took precedence , and living in the home counties didn’t open as many doors as hoped .. DJing became more dominant at this stage , and parties at art college , and collaborations with free party organisations led to a set at Glastonbury in 93, as well as playin onto of Aonach Mor in fort william ... only when moved to london in 95 did productions take shape again , the move from hardware to software in 2000 proved very fruitful , things started rolling and demos started flyin out the door .... after a few false starts , and near misses , the first contract came from mr steve kotey of bearfunk , although this took a year to come into fruition , during this time more material was sent out , and releases co-produced as Alexis Forge on Low Pressings . Around 2003 the first release , on Bearfunk turned out in a remix for Akwaaba format , as a bside to an unknown norwegian called Todd Terje . from here , a steady flow of production has emerged from the white house studios , on Odori records , Hi-phen , Urban Myth and most recently , for Rekids with an album lined up for the near future . Tobys first release on Rekids- A close shave did remarkably well ,and still is proving a success from London to NewYork and stopping all over Europe . It has also helped to fix his name on the remix map , as a slew of remixes for Bent , Brontosaurus records, Greg Wilson , Future Force and others are forthcoming in the next months , not forgetting his next single on Rekids Daves Sex Bits , with a remix from some peacefull town folk ?????? Also look out for the Mythical Beast project which is a live collaboration with Foolish Felix , and is looking for release in the next couple of months too . DJing was the thing that started T off in this world , doing his own parties at art college back in the early 90s , its taken him on a long journey through all things deep , from house to disco , not forgetting the party bangers . His own night , with Partner Danny Clark is Latenightaudio in Shoreditch.its ethos is late night sounds encompassing disco , house ,boogie and deeper late night experimentations !! Its been running monthly for nearly a year now and has proven very succesfull ,it has pulled down a wide range of big names from Radio
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