Housing Commission

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    Edd Muggles & Adrian
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  • The House night different to any other. That’s right kids. The good little people at S.O.L.Entertainment & Bunker Lounge PROUDLY present to you the House gig that could very well be the last bastian for that true groove House music vibe in Melbourne. Deep House, Funky House Vocal House Tribal House Latin House, the list goes on. What we do is play only the best from all of them to ensure you’re hearing only the best House music this side of Melbourne. No rules apply, No dress codes, No entry fee’s, this is truly where Melbourne’s heart of House music mashes and mingles to the greatest beat beneath Swanston Street. For more info theres face book groups you can join and Myspace as well. Hey, if you’ve got a special request you’d like the Dj’s to play, why not drop us a line on there so we can try to organise it for you? (Provided it’s with in the flavour of the night). Housing Commission is our present to the House music community. All we ask, is that you close the door behind you
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