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    B2F Cio D'Or(Treibstof/Karmarouge/Motoguzzi) Kentaro Iwaki(DUB ARCHANOID TRIM/BLOWMAN) michi(aquart) B1F Hiyoshi(dakini/global chillage tokyo) LisM(disques corde / soup disk) yuta(aquart)
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  • aquart, because of conduce of changing for both mind and body by music, we are thinking party as the most beautiful art. This time, we invite female artist, Cio D'or from Koln, Germany, and Kentaro Iwaki who released fabulous album as his project, Blowman this year for dance floor, B2F. To provide more relaxed space, we invite Hiyoshi from Dakini, and LisM who develops breakbeats with full of hedonistic pleasure on B1F floor. < Cio D'or > Aum is her long-awaited first performance in Japan. Cio D’Or produce her magical set with not only exquisite mix technichs but creative idea on mass of records. Her set ranges maximal to minimal, and make crowd go through a variety of feeling change. Also, she never forgets the respect for producers, and expressing their emotions is her principle. Recent years, she released 12 inches from Treibstof, Karmarouge and Motoguzzi. Aroma EP which will be released from Broque next October is acclaimed by top artists such as Luciano, Adam beyer and Len Faki. http://www.ciodor.de/ http://www.myspace.com/ciodor Mix Download_http://www.cio-dor.de/data/Polar_22_Alpha.mp3 < Kentaro Iwaki > Kentaro Iwaki has released a fabulous album for Endress flight as Blowman. He made up his wide-ranged style from his favorite traveling spirit and deep knowledge of sound by music buyer experience. His 24 hours all day long set in July at Toyama was populary raised. He never stops progressing, and shows his personal blend on his creative works like sound production, band and graphics works. http://dubdub.jugem.jp/ http://www.myspace.com/floatribe < Hiyoshi > Hiyoshi, stuff of Dakini record, disk reviewer, started his carrier as a DJ in 1999. He makes his original atomosphere by mixing ambient, dub, electronica and world music. Also, he has been introducing good music multilateraly, including release with percussionist, Ochi brothers. http://www.dakinirecords.com/ http://www.myspace.com/hiyoshidakini < LisM > Name of Go Hiyama is widely known all over the world. His work catched James Ruskin and was outstanding in techno - minimal scene. His debut album was released by CODA, UK. Ongoingly he released 12inch from Warm up, Electracom and Audio assault. He was invited and lively performed at many international festivals and raves. His project, LisM sounds to mix chill out, downtempo and breakbeats to direct crowd to pleasure. http://www.corde.co.jp/ http://www.myspace.com/lessism ((You must be 20 and over with photo ID to enter.))
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