Brooklyn Bass w/ DJ Quest & Madame Mercury - Loft Party!

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    TBA - New York
    • To Be Announced, New York
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    Sat, 28 May 200510pm - very, very late!!!
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  • NYC Breaks, Audio Tactics & Hyperkat-Productions Present... BROOKLYN BASS SERIES: 01 DJ QUEST Cyberfunk, Rat Records, Pulse Records - UK Hailing from West London, DJ Quest is a name synonymous with Breakbeat/Nu Skool. Since 1994 at 15 years of age Quest found the turntable. However his production career never really started until the garage explosion in 1997/98. Due to his love for Drum and Bass he could never understand the heavy vocal lead garage sound that was fast taking over as the dominant scene in London. His frustration at hearing garage tunes with weak basslines and snares that sounded like hi hats prompted him to make a tune at a garage tempo that had a more heavier lean onto Drum and bass but still retaining the funk and soul that garage seemed to have the upper hand on the time. Starting off with his first label, Pulse Recordings, it was him and his brother who were making tunes and through not thinking any one would like their stuff they played it to a few friends who DJed in the local garage clubs, and who subsequently liked their tunes and cut them and found to be that the ravers really liked it. From this, they thought 'what the hell' and started up their own label. With early tracks such as Rumble, Warship and Egypt (produced with MC Ken Mac) receiving a diversity of support from people like EZ through to Tayo through to Hybrid, DJ Quest's vision of this new sound was starting to finally be realised and alongside like minded producers at the time like Deekline, Stanton Warriors, Zinc etc this new sound was fast becoming popular not just in London but around the world. Following on from his pulse releases, Quest also released classics on labels like Rat Records such as "Old Skool" (produced with kalibre and following on from that have been most notably his album on Rat Records entitled Rat Sessions Vol 1), He also has come to record for some of the most popular and respected labels in the business including Mechanoise, Supercharged, Botchitand Scarper,hardcore beats, cyberfunk, funkatech, wireframe, pulse, sinewave the list is endless. His main project, his label Cyberfunk is one of the biggest in the breaks scene. Responsible for numerous anthems it has also made some of the stars that the scene has come to love such as Mutiny, Breakfastaz, Odissi, Baobinga and MC Ken Mac. And if running a label wasn't enough, he is involved in a partner in one of London's biggest bi weekly events "breaks and mortar". This night has become one of the most in places in the Uk to hear all the latest music in the breaks scene...On top of the label / DJing and the club night, he is also involved in one of the biggest information centre's for breakbeat... since its nception back in August 2004 has proven to be the main place for anything breaks related including the latest dubs, news etc from all the key scene playas. MADAME MERCURY Mad Wax, Streetbeat, NYC Breaks - SF/NYC Madame Mercury has been involved in the San Francisco underground dance music scene since 1996. She has a passion for breaks and has been supporting them since her professional debut. Madame Mercury discovered her love for funky break beats and electro dancing at the raves of the mid 1990’s admiring the likes of DJ Dan, Simply Jeff, DJ Voodoo, Uberzone and Icey as well as San Francisco’s own local underground breaks DJs. She took this admiration and taught herself how to spin as well as coordinating with her Liquid Mercury group to produce events focusing on the breakbeat sound. After almost 10 years holdin’ it down as one of the premier breakbeat DJs in San Francisco - playing along side some of the same artists that inspired her in the very beginning - Miss Mercury is now a local resident to New York City, and is set to unleash her sound on the Big Apple. SEAN INFINITEE Hyperkat Productions, BreaksFM, Unbreakable - NYC WAVEWHORE Audio Tactics, Electrofly Records, Unbreakable - NYC CHILL WHITEY vs. BETTY BOOM NYC Breaks - Brooklyn - NYC <> Bootymachine, H2O - LA/NYC JPOO1 Plug NYC, Freek Factory - NYC $10 Donation - BYOB 10pm - very, very late... Dope Brooklyn Loft! LOG ON TO NYCBREAKS.COM AND SUBMIT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR GUEST LIST AND LOCATION!!!
  • Brooklyn Bass w/ DJ Quest & Madame Mercury - Loft Party! - Flyer front
    Brooklyn Bass w/ DJ Quest & Madame Mercury - Loft Party! - Flyer back