Hercules & Love Affair After Party

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    Hercules & Love Affair (DFA, NYC) Dave Shaw (Attitude City, MTL) Davey Lahteenmaa (Attitude City, MTL) Why, Alex, Why? (Zoo!, MTL)
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  • HERALD (to the gods): Oh gods, hear my prayer! Dionysus, let Mount Royal bear richly with wine-swollen grapes in this early autumn season. Induce both mirth and delirium among the people who live in the modest mount's shadow. Apollo, bring your lyre to the Cavern of Les Saints and the wild Zoobizarre, where lions, monkeys, foxes, cheetahs and birds of every rainbow colour dance to the beautiful music you inspire in all the minstrels of the world. Swift Hermes, send forth the message to all the peoples who revel in merriment, music and madness: Hercules and Love Affair hath returned! (to the townspeople): Be it known that indeed, on this Day of Sun, Hercules and Love Affair, complete splendid troupe appear at the hallowed Cavern of Les Saints. Shining trumpets shall blare to the heavens and drums shall cause even Hades to quake in his lair. The voices of angels shall bring heaven down to earth and the throbbing bass shall keep the dancers in step. Though there shall also be more... Long after Night has thrown her starry veil over the rich lands, when the Cavern of Les Saints has transformed itself into an empty dwelling of faint phantasms, the great captain of Hercules and Love Affair, bright eyed Andy Butler, son of Butlaridae, son of Bottarus calls forth all to the after the celebration! All wild animals nocturnal and hungry for more of the god's great bounty gather at the sacred Zoobizarre where the torches still blaze! He calls forth all legions of men who don't sleep, fair women with an eternal connection with the moon to beat their fists to the drum while the rest of the townspeople sleep in restless dreams. Until Hemera of the daylight causes all the magic blackness to scatter, Erebus, god of darkness and shadow invite all to spin and whirl and cry, cry in triumph, carry on the dancing on and on! ______________________________________________________________________________ Hercules and Love Affair Afterparty Andy Butler (DFA, NYC) Dave Shaw (Attitude City, MTL) Davey Lähteenmaa (Attitude City, MTL) Why, Alex Why? (Zoo!, MTL) Sunday, October 19, 2008 Zoobizarre 6388 St. Hubert (metro Beaubien) 11:59pm - sunrise $5
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