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    DJ 3000 (us / Underground Resistance/Motech) TJ Hicks (at / Minimalsoul Recordings) M (at/nl) RSBROTHER And in the WORM.bar; RIVO (Ear-min Records) and JORDY NAVV with deep dubby Music and relaxed atmospheres, fulfilling your ears with pleasure.!
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  • It is the year 2008. In the last remaining historical streetlights of delfshaven, WORM stands high upon the remaining wastelands of a future building site. The city of Rotterdam, dutch home of ongoing urbanization, destruction & rebirth, moves on a generation of lost individuals. Gathering in places like WORM, they celebrate the new liberty gained through the loss of their urban environment, and every established value their society gave them. A move into the future while leaving behind the past, supported trough the broken down futuristic music that reflects this ongoing process, TECHNO in its original form. The Beijing Breakdown Movement has invited fresh Talents from Vienna to Detroit, bringing some flavor to the music scene in Rotterdam! Be Prepared also for some high-tech visuals symbolizing our “walk into the future”..
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