Border Community

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    The End
    • 18 West Central Street; West End; London WC1A 1JJ; United Kingdom
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    Border Community
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  • The word ground-breaking is banded around far too freely in dance-music these days, but one label that can genuinely stake claim to this high praise is surely James Holden 's Border Community . Set up in 2003, with a mission statement to releas "dance music that doesn't fit in a category and providing DJs with the tools to innovate" the label releases the kind of records that you hear something new in even after you've listened to them a hundred times over. James Holden has managed to gather together a group of label mates who share his commitment to releasing music that is so hard to pigeonhole, sometimes you'd think they were doing it just to be bloody minded. At each Border Community Night at The End, expect the boss At The Controls (see what we've done there) plus a host of lovely Border Community cases, including Nathan Fake, MFA, Avus, Petter, Fairmont and more. Some names you will be familiar with, others maybe less so - but if the're on Border Community you can be damn sure thy'll be making and playing music that is half-strange, half-beautiful, and wholly brilliant. From music that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (hell...their website even has fluffy clouds and windmills on!) to tunes that rip up a dancefloor at 5am - Border Community just keeps on surprising our ears with fresh and exciting music, which is why we are very excited to host their only UK residency here at The End.
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