Breakandenter Halloween with Jimmy Edgar

  • breakandenter presents... Has a friend of yours suddenly developed an obsession with your brain? Family member looking a little more 'decomposed' than usual? Let's be honest, at some point in time we have all been faced with the potential of a sudden rising of the dead, hungry, sometimes limbless, and definitely on the hunt for human brains! Until now, many people have had no idea how to survive such an ordeal. But fear no longer! We have the event that is tailor made for you... HOW TO AVOID A ZOMBIE ATTACK! with guest speakers: Jimmy Edgar (Warp Records) ( Discog | Beatport | Myspace | Web | Audio1 | Audio2 | Video | Press ) Jimmy Edgar is a Detroit-based electronic music artist, signed to Warp Records. 22-year old Edgar has been stitching beats since he was 10, when he started producing sounds electronically and fashioned his first analogue pieces. Influenced mostly by Jazz, funk, street beat and r&b in these early years, he began his musical pursuit by playing the drums in experimental bands and by making tape recordings. Most of these recordings, consisting mainly of pitch bended tape loops, cut edits, field recordings, and noise tracks, were the beginning of his experimentations with the technical aspects of production. He is also an excellent multi-intrumentalist more obvious in recent releases in which he shows off his piano talents by playing funk and jazz keyboard solos. By the time he was 15, he started performing at Detroit raves with contemporaries and techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. Jimmy is a skilled fashion designer, fashion photographer, oil painter, video installation artist, and graphic designer in his own self taught styles. A modern renaissance artist, he displays a fusion of dark, charming, enticing, mysterious, and very sexual work. In early 1999 Edgar signed his first record deal with NYC based Isophlux Records, following a release of a techno track called "We Like You" on the German label Poker Flat. Then, after only hearing one of his tracks, Miami based Merck Records immediately signed him and released his first full length album "My Mines I" [merck009] by the "dual alter ego" kristuit salu vs. morris nightingale. After the release of "My Mines I" in February of 2002, he has toured the US, including New York City, performing at the infamous experimental music fest the Miami Infiltrate, Vancouver and selected cities in Japan. He was also asked to perform at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2003 which was his debut as a Warp Records artist, and in which Detroit witnessed a legend in formation. His first release on Warp was a 4-track EP, titled Access Rhythm in 2004. In 2005 he followed up a second 6-track EP Bounce Make Model, and then his full-length album Color Strip in February 2006. He is rumoured to be half of the anonymous Plus Device. (Halloween note He is also rumoured to be high part of several secret societies, that which have similiar qualities of freemasonry and satanism, working closely with his "highly guarded partners" for strict creative purposes!!!!) Maetrik - live (Treibstoff, Iron Box Music) ( Discog | Beatport | Myspace | Audio1 | Audio2 | Video ) From what can often be an overly commercial and political Dallas underground scene, emerges a fresh young talent with a deep understanding of electronic music and an audible dream. Eric Estornel, aka Maetrik, with more than a decade of actively contributing to the musical world around him. Always discovering new sounds and rhythms, Eric has managed to, over the years, separate himself from the rest and claim an independence that has made him a force like no other. Constantly developing himself as a producer is always on Eric's mind, as he makes his way through a sometimes fickle industry and reluctant audience. In '96 Eric adopted the Techno and House hybrid sound for its fresh outlook on electronic underground music. Since then he has worked hard developing his own sound based on the powerful Tech-House influence of todays most prolific and accomplished techno and house producers. Like in his Djing, Eric is always moving foward and never looking back towards an audible dream that will one day make his mark on electronic music. So far Eric has been signed to some of tech-house's most respected labels, and is slowly achieving his dream of doing what he loves for a living. Look out for releases by Eric in the near future under the names Maetrik, Mariel Ito, and Jell Cell. Live anti-zombie demonstrations by: Eric Downer (Thoughtless Music) Intrepid Traveller (breakandenter, evolve (breakandenter) Special zombie proof environment provided by: Wustenarchitekten francis wAX breakandenter Details: Secret meeting location downtown Toronto TO BE ANNOUNCED closer to the date (hint hint!) Doors open at 10pm, party until late Tickets on sale at Moog Audio / Slinky Music - $20 Location details will be announced via Website, Facebook and Mailing list - website - mailing list Wear your Sunday best kids! Costume contest in full effect this night! ** This is a limited capacity event, tickets are available at Moog Audio / Slinky Music now! ** If tickets sell out in advance of the party, there will still be some availability at the door, but we strongly encourage you to arrive early or very late, in order to guarantee entry.
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