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  • VAN COKE KARTEL – WAAKSAAM EN WAKKER Van Coke Kartel’s new album “Waaksaam en Wakker” has just been released. The new album offers a huge, intensive production with an added progressive and even “softer” dimension to the straight up in your face raw sound that initially established Van Coke Kartel as a band. Van Coke Kartel spent a lot of time on the road during the writing of “Waaksaam en Wakker” and their widened scope of observations resulted in a new, broader Van Coke Kartel sound. The new songs are still driven and edgy, but this time round Van Coke Kartel have added a few more melodic songs and even a retrospective ballad “Wat het van ons geword ?” Van Coke Kartel challenged themselves musically on the new album by working with new instruments and collaborating with artists who added new dimensions to their distinctive sound. Wynand plays upright acoustic bass on 7 of the 10 tracks. Sir Sergio Zampolli plays accordion on “ Wat het van ons geword.” Lara Block plays cello on “Wat het van ons geword” and “Ons moet hardloop” and Dave Sharp can be heard playing his “John Lord-ish” B3 Hammond Organ on “Raad vanuit twee oorde” and “Pynstiller.” Francois van Coke wrote the lyrics for the album and says that its all about how they are personally affected by what is happening around them.
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