Black Atlantic with Huerco S + Rory Milanes

  • Yes, yes. After that all nighter back at the end of January with Nick Craddock and DVS1, we're simplifying things a little bit this time around and going tunnel dancing once again. Same as last time though, the £5 tickets get you and a mate in before midnight. Brian Leeds aka Huerco S and Rory Milanes will be coming through with the music and we'll be on hand with a decent selection of chilled citrus fruit and enough bad dance moves. Aside from his releases on the Future Times, Software and Proibito labels getting right under our skin, Huerco S has turned us on to a lot of great tunes over the last couple of years so it's nice to have him in from Brooklyn for this one. Rory is probably better known for doing all sorts of mad shit with the Palace lot but he knows a thing or two about playing records too. And it's his birthday as well so big him up if you're coming down. Party going from 10pm till 3am. x
  • Black Atlantic with Huerco S + Rory Milanes - Flyer front