Netaudio London Festival

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    Netaudio Berlin Stage with Cotumo, Liger, Oli Sorenson (aka VJ Anyone), The Passive Resistance, Quarion, TeaMore, VJ ’81, VJ N’eye-yah!
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  • As the weekend approaches, Netaudio08 has a delectable feast of sounds and events as our friends and Netaudio festival partners from Berlin take over the main stage with a deep and heady mix of techno, house and minimal to get the floor shaking. From notorious indie-art-rock of BeatIsMurder act Liger through to the deep house and techno of rising star dj Quarion – quality music is the order of the night. The bar area will be hosting one of the renowned CDR sessions fresh from their celebrated residency at Plastic People. This is a chance for members of the public to hear their very own tracks played out on a club system. The music policy is nice and open – expressive electronic music – just bring along a CDr with your name, mobile, email and the name of the track on it. Those searching for a bit of headspace or looking for something different – head to the Penthouse where a Placard Headphone session will be taking place. Just bring along your headphones and plug in and let go! And as on the previous festival nights, you will find a number of audio-visual installations across Shunt and the Netaudio Market, open from 6pm-11pm in the long corridor. * CDR Netaudio Session in the Lounge: bring your tracks along * Placard Headphone night in the Media Lounge * Audio-visual installations including Attendant Materials, Archisonics, New Transmission Models, Isolated Response, Sonification of You, Motion on Sound, Collaborative Generative Music * Netaudio Market open 6pm-11pm