• In the first scene of Homochic's video flyer for Blood Pact, a Halloween on party on Friday, October 31st 2008, viewers are confronted by the wide eyes of two innocent yet troubled handsome young boys. Fear and excitement pushes through frame by fame as viewers begin to understand the dangerous bonding ritual these boys are are about to partake in. Blood Pact, the all night 18 and over Halloween party in San Francisco's melancholy SOMA district, is a night dedicated to fatal attraction, brotherly mischief, and the dark places relationships can take you. The biggest event yet by San Francisco's production house Homochic and their first collaboration with Tantra Soundsystem, Blood Pact will feature film/decor installations that expand upon the mysterious cover characters of their video flyer and promotional campaign. The evening also serves as an introduction to Los Angeles' favorite troublemakers A Club Called Rhonda, the thursday night affair where bad decisions happen to sexy people. The Rhonda crew, a supergroup of promoters and performers from the L.A. disco and electro scene, has been working crowds to a storm over the past year along with booking some of the most respected international disco/house/electro dance DJ's. Each member with their own long list of accomplishments it is suprising Blood Pact will be breaking Rhonda's San Francisco club cherry. And to do the honors, local favorite DJs Honey Soundsystem, Rchrd Oh!?, Liam Shy, Lord Kook, and Digital Paradigm will she cutting tracks for our dancefloor all night. Performances by hosts of the evening Monistat, Christopher McVick, and Ambrosia Salad.
  • Blood Pact - Flyer front
    Blood Pact - Flyer back