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  • Dear insomniacs, First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have been to last insomnia on 05/10 and made a launch of insomnia's winter sessions a night to remeber!!! As it is third saturday night-sunday morning of the month, insomnia is back to club Aquarium with a winter sessions wrapped up with surprises . For this one we have special guest from Portugal: "Working environment: a dj booth Management tools: two decks and a mixer. The targeted audience: urban and insolent. The main element: music. With an experienced background at a djing and production level this is the result : DJ Magazino. " His dj set will carry us on trips to inebriating and dancing destinations on a melodic fusion from several styles which its influences are absorbed from minimal or even techno. With a vast experience at the musical level, Magazino’s curriculum as several technical formations, performances and productions both at a national and international scale. His recordbag is travelling all over the world, counting performances in festivals and on prestige clubs such as Rex (Paris) **,Street Parade (Zurich),SONAR Festival (Barcelona),Amsterdam Dance Festival .... His tracks appeared on different performers playlists as for example Laurent Garnier, Derrick Carter, Deep Dish, M.A.N.D.Y., Mark Farina or Brett Johnson which have ended in allowances for many compilations as “Live at Om”, from Derrick Carter and Mark Farina (Om Records) or “Sessions: Sneak Beats”, from DJ Sneak (Ministry of Sound). And of course, our dear resident FRANCESCO POGGI (virustage) + new guest ALEX CORR (overtone) Time: 3.30am-10am Place: CLUB AQUARIUM 256 OLD STREET EC1V 9DD Entry: £7 conc guestlist/flyer £10 on the door Info: p.s DONT FORGET to send your NAME&SURNAME to [email protected] by 10pm on saturday for £7 insomnia list or txt 07862293273 / 07884353128 xxx insomnia crew About insomnia LONDON INSOMNIA – ORGANICALLY GROWN The story of ‘london insomnia’ is not only unique, but it’s also pure … so pure in-fact it’s organic! Rewind, and picture yourself in Shoreditch only two years back and you’ll find yourself dispersed in London’s trendiest bars and clubs known for playing new and experimental music by renowned artists all over the globe. It’s then that you look around you and begin to realise that you are in the HEART of the UK’s most prominent clubbing scene. This is night culture. In the centre of this impending explosion were two clubbers, both so entwined in a scene that was desperate to burst, and both with an idea to do something new. Natasha Krivaja and Gaz Kllokoqi bore the idea of insomnia, combined resources and struck a deal with what is now a major venue for those who want to party on and around the clock. london insomnia organises different events, in different venues, with insomnia afterparty being the most famous of all. Club Aquarium in Old Street is where they pitched insomnia afterparty, back in 2006, where it is still running today every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, rammed to the rafters every time it opens its doors. Their policy is quite simple, and one that most people adhere to: come for a good time with a good attitude and most importantly, come to dance, anything else can be left at the door. There is only one resident DJ at london insomnia, the imitable Francesco Poggi, an Italian native who orchestrates each event to perfection. As far as guest DJs are concerned; the following list speaks for itself. Diverse, eclectic and sonically superb: Mauro Picotto, Florian Meindl, King Roc, Fabiano Binaglia, Gabry Fasano, Riccardo Ferri, Phil K, Ricky Stone, Timo Garcia, Justin Drake, Luciano Esse and many many more… In August 2008, london insomnia will play host at one of the planets most famous clubs – the Ministry of Sound. As the story of london insomnia spreads across continents opportunities to tour arise, and this year we will see the intimate crowd export its magic to the infamous white Isle of Ibiza. Together with Mauro Picotto’s Meganite, it plans to rip up the rulebook and batter the Balearic! This is only just the beginning for london insomnia, and as the Shoreditch bang continues to explode so the club night will continue to cultivate. If you haven’t yet ventured in, now is undoubtedly the time.
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