Odd Fantastic

  • Because the best online radio station Intergalactic FM was threatened with closure two years ago, numerous fans and their donations kept this legendary program between electro, techno, house, boogie and Italo alive. Together with Odd Fantastic we bring the founder, DJ and producer I-F for his first stint at STATTBAD & you can expect a true reflection of Dutch electronic music. the man from The Hague will be accompanied by his two buddies David Vunk and Intergalactic Gary in our Boiler tonight. Three of our beloved guests will control the Bunker: With projects like Demdike Stare or Millie & Andrea, Miles Whittaker is whizzing around in his very own orbit. While Juniper, the alter ego of British Dan Mumberson, always spreading good vibes for us, Christopher Rau is known and respected as a gifted vinyl DJ with a splendid feeling for playing the right record at the right moment.
  • Odd Fantastic - Flyer front