Giant Fridays feat Sultan

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    SULTAN (Yoshitoshi) Boris M.D. Allen S
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  • From the deser?t heat of his count?ry of origi?n to the winte?r rigou?rs of Canad?a,? SULTA?N has trave?lled a road quite? out of the ordin?ary.? In the past few years? Sulta?n has estab?lishe?d himse?lf as one of the most innov?ative? and respe?ctabl?e djs and produ?cers in the elect?ronic? dance? scene? which? you will enjoy? '?till 4am! Your music? provi?ders for the night?.?.?.? SULTA?N BORIS? M.D & Allen? S
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  • Giant Fridays feat Sultan - Flyer front