Drank presents Quality Mark, Don Rosco & Stacks

  • Spring is springing, and we are back on the DRANK. Pleased to announce the return of Frankie Grimes after a memorable debut last November, and also a Drank debut from Quality Mark who is going to be dusting off a whole rake of 92 / 93 Hardcore jams so pack your whistles and Vicks and get practicing your big-fish-little-fish-cardbox moves we are going for full-on mask hysteria here. Support comes in the form of a whole host of our most cherished residents; Bob will be drawing deep into his cavernous crates of Grime and Garage before Frankie Grimes takes us up a notch after. Footwork and Jungle supremos Don Rosco and Stacks will be ratcheting up the pressure then with the usual grab bag of excellence before Quality Mark does his thing. You have hereby been warned we fully intend to make this our most memorable DRANK yet. Expect the unexpected with this one, and please note that this month we will be (temporarily!) on a Friday night mission. Normal service resumes in April though, so stay tuned for announcements regarding that. *DRANK would like to remind you that we strictly discourage the use of cameras, cameraphones or recording devices inside the venue.*