K4 presents: Dj Food

  • Venue
    Klub K4
    • Kersnikova 4 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Date
    Sat, 8 Nov 2008
    00:00 - 00:00
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    Klub K4
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    Main floor: DJ Food - Strictly Kev (Ninja Tune, Solid Steel; UK), RDYO Djs Sundsystem - intro set, Borka & Bakto (Code.EP) Bar floor: Zhe (Code.EP), Riba (Glu Glu), Stojan Video: Ozo (Code.EP)
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  • Dish origin: DJ Food began as a specialty of Coldcut – they cooked up the phenomenal feast of Jazz Brakes in 1990 and in the next few years other chefs joined the party, most notably PC and Strictly Kev. The latter is a mixing and grinding specialist – the "man-mixer" with twenty years of experience and a head chef for Solid Steel radio show. Under the name DJ Food him and PC made a crispy roast of Kaleidoscope in 2000 and the following year put together the first Solid Steel sumptuous stew, nowadays legendary Now Listen, which Kev boiled to perfection together with DK. Last year their second edition of Solid Steel stew hit the pots called Now Listen Again and shortly we can expect Kev's solo DJ Food musical recipe. Preparation: You take a baking dish of an appropriate size, ideally one with a small pool inside (they sell them exclusively in an appliance store on Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia). You make the dough from one UK nutter (according to the basic recipe it HAS to be Strictly Kev) and a few quality local DJs. To make it rise properly you add a yeast mixture from a chunk of jazzy and funky breaks, a splash of hip hop and a pinch of drum'n'bass. Roll out and stuff with a few hundred dancers and sprinkle on top with a few more local DJs. Bake for 6 hours at medium temperature. Et voila – DJ Food, an innovative musical treat that will make all the neighbors green with envy is here.
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