Oliver Moldan In Miami Along Side With Leo Leal And Kike Roldan

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    SPEAKER BOX PRODUCTIONS IN ASSOCIATION WITH ROLL CALL presents to you @ White Room: - DJ/PROUCER Oliver Moldan (GERMANY) **AUDIO THERAPY** www.olivermoldan.de - SPECIAL GUEST FROM MEXICO: Leo Leal **Dieb audio** www.leoleal.com - ALONG WITH: Kike Roldan (SPEAKER BOX) **PALM BEATS** www.myspace.com/kikeroldan
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  • Presale tickets $10 @ http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=46740 or send an email with your name to [email protected] for reduced admission. OLIVER MOLDAN THE RHINE RIVER MAN, HAS BEEN APPEARING BEHIND THE DECKS AT RENOWNED DANCE CLUBS ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR MANY YEARS. OLIVER'S INSPIRED MIXING SKILLS COMBINED WITH HIS ECLECTIC MUSIC SELECTION HAVE CLEARLY DEFINED HIS UNIQUE AND TRAILBLAZING STYLE. HE HAS STEADILY WORKED HIS WAY UP THE LADDER TO BE RECOGNIZED AS ONE THE LEADING DJS ON THE TECHHOUSE SCENES AND ONE MAJOR REASON FOR THIS HAS BEEN HIS RESIDENCY AT THE LEGENDARY TRIBEHOUSE IN GERMANY. OLIVER HAS OPENED FOR MANY OF THE WORLD'S TOP DJS INCLUDING JOHN DIGWEED, SASHA, NICK WARREN, DAVE SEAMAN, HERNAN CATTANEO AND DEEP DISH. OLIVER HAS GAINED HUGE INTERNATIONAL ACCLAIM THANKS TO VARIOUS DJ MIX CD COMPILATIONS HE HAS PRODUCED FOR TRIBEHOUSE, AND ALSO FOR THE BRITISH MAGAZINE 'M8', NOT TO MENTION HIS DOUBLE CD RELEASE "GLOBAL GROOVE". ALL OF THESE MIX CDS WERE RECORDED LIVE, WITH NO ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES OR EDITING. OLIVER CONSTANTLY TOURS AROUND THE GLOBE FROM ATHENS TO ZÜRICH, IBIZA TO MIAMI, BUENOS AIRES TO BOGOTÁ, LONDON TO LOS ANGELES, VIENNA TO BANGKOK... HIS DJ BOOKING DIARY READS LIKE AN ATLAS! HE HAS APPEARED AT WORLD FAMOUS HIGH PROFILE EVENTS SUCH AS THE GLOBAL GATHERING FESTIVAL IN ENGLAND, PAUL OAKENFOLD'S PERFECTO PARTY AT THE OPIUM GARDEN AND BBC RADIO ONE'S ESSENTIAL PARTY AT CLUB SPACE IN IBIZA. THE NAME OLIVER MOLDAN IS ALSO HIGHLY REGARDED BOTH AS A MUSIC PRODUCER AND REMIXER, AND HIS DISTINCTIVE STYLES ARE CONSTANTLY PRESENT ON CHARTS AND HEARD IN CLUBS ALL OVER THE WORLD. REMIX PROJECTS FROM ARMIN VAN BUUREN THRU TO YELLO... THEY HAVE ALL BEEN SUBJECTED TO OLIVER'S INEFFABLE SPIRIT, VIBRANT IMAGINATION AND OPEN-MINDED INTERPRETATION. IN HIS ROLE AS A PRODUCER, OLIVER HAS MADE A DEEP IMPACT ON THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SCENE. WITH OVER A HUNDRET SINGLE RELEASES OLIVER'S NAME AND WORK HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH SOME OF THE WORLD'S MOST RESPECTED LABELS INCLUDING BEDROCK, AUDIO THERAPY, HOPE, GLOBAL UNDERGROUND AND BLISS. OLIVER MOLDAN ALSO RECORDS UNDER THE ALIAS "PRAWLER" WHICH REPRESENTS THE INTRIGUING DARKER SIDE OF HIS VERSATILE, ONE COULD EVEN SAY TWISTED, MUSICAL DIRECTION. TRACKS SUCH AS "DISCO SHIT", "DEEP SENSE" AND "FRISCO" (BEDROCK). FOR MORE THEN FIVE YEARS OLIVER IS SIGNED TO DAVE SEAMAN`S LABEL AUDIO THERAPY AND HE RELEASED SOLID CLUB BOMBS LIKE „MARRACASH“ OR „PHAT LACES“. LEO LEAL Leo started his musical carrer by playing piano at the age of ten; this discipline developed a huge interest for music in him. At his short age Leo's passion for music took him to experiment with new sounds. Then captivated by the creative versatility that electronic music offered him to express himself, he decided to buy his first pair of turntables at the age of 15. After mixing his first set of tracks Leo decided to take a different approach to music and life. At 16 Leo moved to Monterrey, where he became resident of the best after hour club in Mexico called OM club. From there he landed a residence as Skizzo, one of the most important clubs in electronic music in the country; it was there where he connected with the industry and the makers. From the year 2000 to 2002, Leo's career sky launched at the short age of 16 by playing throughout the country with many of the top dj's in the world, including Sasha,Darren Emerson, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Sander Kleinenberg, Satoshi Tommie and Lee Burridge.In 2002 Leo shares the stage with Sasha, this experience motivated Leo to move to Mexico city where he became friends and partners with Karlos Elizondo, one of the most recognized dj's in the nation. Then participated at all the shows of the best agency of electronic music events called Noiselab. This got him in the Airdrawndagger tour alongside Sasha, playing at all the main stages in the country. After a great season for Leo in Mexico he gets chosen later in the year to be on tour with Paul Van Dyk playing at the Salon 21 in Polanco and then at the Hipic Club at Monterrey. Also this same year, Leo played twice with John Digweed in Mexico City and Monterrey. Leo played practically at all the main festivals in Mexico, performing before more than 100,000 people alongside with the best dj's in the world like, John Digweed, Sasha, Dj Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren , Steve Lawler , Anthony Pappa, James Zabiela , Sander Kleinenberg , Lee Burridge ,Darren Emerson , jimmy Van M , Chris Fortier , Damian Lazarus , James Holden , Nick Fanciulli, Danny Howells ,Luke Chable , Luke Fair , Seb Fontaine ,Satoshi Tommie , Deep Dish & Evolution to name a few. All this exposure took Leo to play in other countries like, Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Belize, Japan, Philippines, Costa Rica, United States and many others. In 2006, after Leo had already established himself as one of the top dj/producers in Central America, he decided to take another venture moving to Boston, Massachusetts, where he will get to work on his music producing a couple of singles. Leo's first single was called ?After 1?, which was a big success placing it as a ?top 1? seller in many European record stores like June or 3beat. ?After 1? was charted by many dj's and had four remixes made by some of the main producers of the electronic music industry such as, Jaytech (Australia), Alex Dolby (Italy), Criss Source (Germany) and Emjae (USA). Leo is currently working with some of the hottest producers in the scene like, David K.; together they will be releasing a track called ?Pachukeando?. Leo Has Recently Signed Some Tracks for Big Labels Like Dieb Audio From Europe and Olaris Records from New York.
  • Oliver Moldan In Miami Along Side With Leo Leal And Kike Roldan - Flyer front
    Oliver Moldan In Miami Along Side With Leo Leal And Kike Roldan - Flyer back