Naughty West Berlin

  • It's time for the Italian Stallion to gallop though Neu West Berlin, drop loads of funky House tracks on the floor and make you wanna beg for more. Damn right, you got it, Filippo Moscatello is in the House and he's gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. So you better get down to the sound of Neu West Berlin. Maximilian Hertz is gonna heat it up fierce enough to let your horses run free. And Mijk van Dijk will come for the rescue when the roof is on fire. We can't let Neu West Berlin burn down to the ground just yet. Nobody has the intention to close this location! Warmup at studio r° floor from 22:00h with Nerk/Kirn (live) and Ryba (DJ Set). Admission is free! Spread the news!
  • Naughty West Berlin - Flyer front