• Venue
    • 83 Rivington Street; Hoxton; London EC2A 3AY; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Thu, 6 Nov 200819:00 - 1.00
  • Attending
    • 2
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  • You know those girls you meet who are unfeasibly beautiful, intelligent and well-dressed? The ones with lovely friends and cool jobs? The ones who have all this, but are still so pleasant to spend time with, that it's impossible to hate them? Well that's Simone Rubi and her bandmate Terri Loewenthal, aka Rubies. All these elements are in place with this band. And they're talented as well. I know. Sickening isn't it. Danceable folk, homemade Disco, and lost love laments are just a few facets of Rubies. The poised and dynamic range of the songs they write keep the listener excited by offering fresh and honest versions of future dancefloor and living room classics. Simone Rubi (lead vocals, keyboards) entices the crowd while Terri Loewenthal (bass) keeps them dancing. Add some shimmering guitar, the harmonies and beats provided by machine or borrowed man, and try to resist. Cargo Shop / Ticketweb / We Got Tickets LIVE: RUBIES + GUESTS 7-1 £8 adv