The South London Soul Train Acid Jazz Special with Snowboy & The Latin Section [Live] - More

  • ADV TIX FOR SAT MAY 16 - THE SOUTH LONDON SOUL TRAIN ACID JAZZ SPECIAL WITH SNOWBOY & THE LATIN SECTION LIVE + MORE ON 4 FLOORS ARE SOLD OUT. HOWEVER WE HAVE A MIN OF 500 TICKETS OTD, SO PLENTY OF ROOM FOR EVERYBODY TO COME AND GET DOWN! [Early Pls] NEXT EVENT: Sat JUNE 06 - The South London Soul Train Prince Special + More on 4 floors See you on the dancefloors fo sho X Sat May 16 - The South London Soul Trainthrows An Acid Jazz special at The CLF / Bussey. Jazzheadchronic Mickey Smith joined by Snowboy & The Latin Section Live, Eddie Piller + More on 4 floors. The SLST celebrating the beautifully glorious sound, effect and legacy of one of the most eclectic and ultimately prolific genres of heavily US inspired music to have ever been born in the UK and taken over the planet. An Acid Jazz special where your host with the absolute most DJ Jazzheadchronic Mickey Smith and Pioneering Label / Acid Jazz Records Founder Eddie Piller mine the complete Acid Jazz Records back catalogue [80’s to now] - then drop em on yehs hard, large, loud and very direct to the soul’d up dance-floor. Brand New Heavies to Carleen Anderson via Corduroy, Jamiroquai and of course Snowboy & The Latin Section [who’ll be joining us Live on stage] Uplifting, Anthemic Acid Jazz tunes dropped alongside more than a few equally heavyweight non / roots of Acid Jazz joints to keep the vibe absolutely righteous. Funk to Soul, Jazz Dance to Disco, Batu to Latin. All night long. Talking of latin. Lest we forget this months very special Live guest bands and one of the best know and heaviest hitting bands to record during the Acid Jazz Era - The Legendary Snowboy & The Latin Section - LIVE. Regarded as Europes Leading Afro-Cuban Jazz Band - this band have been destroying stages for over 20 years now, so believe us when we say, they are the real deal and are gonna seriously bring it. Trust us you’ll love them. Long time! Absolute best of times guaranteed. On level 2 - Snowboy dons his DJ hat alongside The equally legendary Dean Rudland to unleash more of the Soul and Funk Beasts on 45 direct to the whole ah you soul. Droppin the heaviest Vinyl on the dance floor like rain for daze - dance like thunder. Absolutely Storming! Then on level 3 SLST residents - the simply outstanding Nik Weston & Bad Ass DJ Partner Huw 72 deliver another night of hand picked blistering eclectic, globalistic groove. Prepare yourselves. Gonna be 100% - Taste.T. The South London Soul Train Acid Jazz Special Line Up completed in the new Basement Soul Bowl hosted by First Word Founder Gilla & Scrimshire [Wah Wah 45s]. Soul, the whole soul and nothing but the soul on 45 + More. Basement also has a chill out area - A place to catch you’re breath between marathon stints on the dance floor. And with 4 dancefloors pumping all night long - believe us, you gonna need it. As always all floors taking all passengers on a Non-Stop Magical Mystery Tour through all things Too Damn Funky. P-Funk to Jazz Funk, Soul Jazz to Rare Groove N’ Stax, Motown to Club Classics and Anthems. However, Passengers are requested to check their Souls at the Station as this ones for good time party people only! No Bass Wobbles Here, Only Love, Funk and Souuuuuuuul. NOTE: 500 TICKETS ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR. However pls get there early as is always a roadblock, but once in it's well worth it :D Next Event: Sat June 04 - The South London Soul Train Prince Special on 4 Floors + Don't forget: The South London Soul Train CD Volume 1. Is out now. See you on the dancefloors fo sho X
  • The South London Soul Train Acid Jazz Special with Snowboy & The Latin Section [Live] - More - Flyer front
    The South London Soul Train Acid Jazz Special with Snowboy & The Latin Section [Live] - More - Flyer back