Aphotic presents: Aerotropic Equinox Feat. Donor, Realmz, Chanski

  • APHOTIC is back and celebrating the end of winter with a night of pure techno. This 12 hour party coincides with the release of Chanski's Celestial Meridian album, and will be featuring artist from the Aerotropic label. DONOR currently works with Stroboscopic Artefacts, Semantica Records, Perc Trax and has recently released his 'Against All' Album through Prosthetic Pressings. "'Against All' draws on the sounds of his home city, offering a distorted glimpse of the metropolis reflected in a high-rise's chrome. It's techno that can trace it's routes back to the industrial 80's, to the synth heavy movies of John Carpenter, and to the minimal future pulse of Detroit. It is as proficient at slicing through sinister dancefloors as it is soundtracking strange, late night journeys through cityscapes." 'Agains All' Album Review: http://www.straylandings.co.uk/post/112132285718/donor www.soundcloud.com/donor www.facebook.com/donor.music www.residentadvisor.net/dj/donor REALMZ is a long standing Sonic Groove artist with his latest release"Nocturnal Realm" featuring stunning audio architecture of diverse techno sounds among various other ineffable audio sculpture experiments. . . tending toward cinematic, surrealistic, dream like worlds with a strong focus on sound design and vibe. https://soundcloud.com/realmzd http://internalrealmz.blogspot.com/ CHANSKI recently arranged a unique order of composite sounds forming a vastness of range and a sensory mechanism of material bodies of expression with a grandeur of abstraction featured in his upcoming Celestial Meridian Album available on Spring Equinox 2015 via Aerotropic. 'Celestial Meridian' Album Preview https://soundcloud.com/aerotropic/sets/chanski-celestial-meridian https://soundcloud.com/chanski http://www.aerotropic.net/#!chanski/cs7f DUCKHUNTER is an Aerotropic Scientist who uses the power of Sound to bring people to a religious and almost euphoric and sedative experience, sharing the energy of his ever-changing adventure though time and space, venturing to a deserted island on the outskirts of nowhere...with clean-cut scientific and precise grooves & occasionally twisted psycho-acoustic 3D transience frequencies expressed via Wolf Trap and Siesta and Ill Bomb Records for a few examples as well as his own Elastic Gun label. https://soundcloud.com/duckhunter http://www.aerotropic.net/#!duckhunter/c1qzm ONDA SKILLET launched Aerotropic from a vision in a dream in 2003 which was when his in-depth research for the Organic Preservation of the Science of Sound officially began. The Original Audio Stories did not come to fruition until 2013 with the first release 'Time Machine' EP followed by many more capturing the Pattern Developments of his sound as presented in his latest 'Silent Planet' Album in an all space-time revelation of classical mechanics and monatomic motions of string theory suspended on spatial and temporal low frequency dimensions. https://soundcloud.com/ondaskilletreleases http://www.aerotropic.net/#!onda-skillet/c1u4w STEVE PASS Aphotic resident DJ "This level of density would not make sense if there was no sound to this physicality, therefore we create sound to take us wherever we want. A unique selection of the effects of specific types of sounds and how they influence our body and mind through the vibration complexity inducing redefined energies in motion." A memory of times through sound thus offering an accumulated treasure for contemplation and later meditation also formed a raw material for the writing of more inspired treatises in which were given instrumentation and machines by which the upper culmination of the vernal point is considered the start of the sidereal day for the observer when the plane of Earth's Equator passes the center of the Sun. Spring Equinox 2015 Aerotropic Showcase Solar Eclipse March 20th, 2015 www.Aerotropic.net Visuals by: FUNKTAXI 1533 RSVP [email protected] for location