Lo Kik Nights

  • After the success of the other editions Lo kik Nights happen again in the more glorious the Santos club dedicated to e-music, the GIV Club. The night is the 25th of October. In the line-up resident DJ of the house Rique does warm up to the artistic director of record, Rafael Noronha, considered the ninth best DJ in Brazil. To further stir the night that the Live is the biggest chart success in the big international DJs, the ACT Sense, feeling the Lo kik Records and the largest site for sales of digital electronics Beatport music, reaching one of the greatest levels of sales for a Brazilian record. The first placed in the genus Tech House and the second biggest selling track of all genres. Rique (Giv Club / Bside) ACT. SENSE LIVE! (RC2 Talent / Lo kik Records) Rafael Noronha (3Plus / Lo kik Records)
  • Lo Kik Nights - Flyer front
    Lo Kik Nights - Flyer back