Pogo & Shock present Optimo Dj'S

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    Optimo DJ's + Jon Averill & Steve Reynolds (Shock) + Pogo & Stereotonic residents
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  • A whopping all round POGO & Stereotonic Christmas Party (and Birthday celebration for Bodytonic head tea maker Tayor who turns to the big 3 zero). Down in the basement Glasgow nutters the Optimos are back once again to get festive with us. They'll be following on from an early evening eclectic session in the Bernard Shaw, to a more techno fuelled set to finish off the night in POGO. Up in the stage a selection of Stereotonic residents will be knocking out their fav house, soul, funk beats of the year , most likely with Tayor finishing which could go either way - very messy, or he'll be off home early into his slippers for a mug of hot choc by the fire now that he's middle aged.
  • Pogo & Shock present Optimo Dj'S - Flyer front
    Pogo & Shock present Optimo Dj'S - Flyer back