Signal > Noise v1.1: Norm Talley

  • Announcing v1.1 of SIGNAL > NOISE...Rochester's sequence of forward-thinking events showcasing the world’s most renowned underground talents in house and techno music. Following on the heels of our SOLD OUT inception party featuring Berlin's Eric Cloutier, we've called in a fierce import straight from the Motor City: NORM TALLEY. DETROIT USA gave us the sweet, soulful melodies of Motown in the 60's and 70's also birthed the machine-funk of TECHNO in the 80's. NORM TALLEY has been there since the beginning, encapsulating the earnest, underdog spirit of the Motor City. From Manchester to Paris, to Berlin and all the way back to the States, with a deep passion and unparalleled knowledge, Talley represents underground dance music at its purest and most REAL. SIGNAL > NOISE is humbled to bring this undisputed legend to the Flower City for his first-ever appearance in Western New York with an extended 3 HOUR SET. This will be an epic dance floor journey you can't afford to miss and one you may never experience the likes of again. It's a trip to the heart and soul of the groove. There's no need to describe his sound with a bunch of trendy new descriptors. His is a timeless, universal vibe: house music, techno, hi-tech soul....the TRUTH.
  • Signal > Noise v1.1: Norm Talley - Flyer front
    Signal > Noise v1.1: Norm Talley - Flyer back