Kazantip Festival 2008

  • Running for six weeks from late July until the end of August, there really is no other party like this in the world. Setting itself up as a fully functioning country for the summer months the kaZantip Republic is a temporary autonomous nation for whom age and social status means nothing. It even has it’s own President and Cabinet Ministers, who though hold some position of power and status it is the DJs and musicians along with the creative elite who really hold the nations power. Confused? Well imagine this, kaZantip Republic is an international electronic music festival that has taken place for the last fifteen summers in the Crimea (Ukraine) and has grown to accommodate a willing 100,000 party people who are destined to spend the summer season dancing on the beach to a selection of travelling DJs, live acts alongside the occasional ‘switched on’ super-star DJ who all join the throng competing across ten dance floors to win the heart and minds of the countries inhabitants. Think Mad Max, think the new Burning Man, think new ideals, think new prospects and most of all think new futures people! Put simply if you are looking for the ultimate festival hit this summer, where others have become over-commercialised or become parodies of their former selves look East my friends the future lies in the Crimea and it’s name is kaZantip Republic.
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