Picnic 7th Birthday feat. Everyone

  • WE’RE TURNING SEVEN! If promoter years are like cat years that makes us 45 - a pretty good innings if we do say so ourselves. We’ve done a buttload of awesome stuff in the past 84 months. We’ve had Danny Wang do a chicken dance and play air-violin on stage at Town Hall for Sydney Festival. We’ve had Andrew Weatherall play a monstrous seven hour set at the Art Factory and change 500 lives. We’ve sweated out three times our collective weight with our grinning Bulgarian buddy KiNK, not once but TWICE. We’ve gone all night long with Aussie heroes like Simon Caldwell, Tornado Wallace and Phil Smart with our One Night Stands, each of them a truly inspiring experience that we’ll never forget. We’ve partied everywhere from the warehouse to the clurb, The Island to Hyde Park Barracks, La Campana to Goodgod (hehe) and everywhere we’ve danced it’s been with the BEST MUSIC, the BEST PEOPLE and the BEST VIBE! Such is the Picnic way. So for this birthday we’re gonna do it mate style and call up a whole bunch of Picnic buddies, chain them together in pairs and have a crazy-awesome time down at our favourite regular haunt of the past year, The Imperial Hotel!
  • Picnic 7th Birthday feat. Everyone - Flyer front