Dilek Release Party

  • How much music do we listen to per day? How much of it conveys something to us? How much of it sounds really different? How does it manage not to annoy us? To soothe us? To please us? DILEK embodies this search. It explores the gap between the erotic and the porn. At DILEK, we try to discover and uncover rather than to remember. We look for the "it" element in music which moves us beyond while rooting us in the here and now. Fact: none of us know very well who we are, or where we are going, or where we might pause in this world in which we breathe. We only know that sometimes we are allowed to grasp "something"... Exactly for this reason, and to celebrate our first published vinyl, on Friday the 24th of October, we will offer you a REAL party. Location? A club with massive soundsystem in the lovely mountains of Lucerne. The "Sedel Club". The people that will make your booty shake during this Dilek Release Party will be the icon of the Lucerne underground scene, Aulay Fou, accompanied of his partners in crime, Jann Bronsky, Mirio's Live Act and the Argentinian Franco Bianco, who after 5 months, 30 presentations in a tour across Europe, will say goodbye after this event, to return to Buenos Aires in order to produce the next Album and play also at Creamfields and many others events in South America. A night that promises to be full of gifts, surprises and especially, different music to please your ears, dance and good energy. >>>>>> SBB OFFER: If you come from Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne or from any other city or town that it is NOT Luzern, and that before 3am, you just need to show your SBB ticket, and we guarantee you a free entrance to the party!
  • Dilek Release Party - Flyer front