Plateaux Festival

  • 3-day festival, 7-9.11.2008 – presenting the newest and most interesting multimedia artists, praised and prize-winning audiovisual art, experimental films, electronic and electroacoustic music and also vj-art Leading audiovisual artists for the first time in Poland: Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) (DE), Taylor Deupree (US), Richard Chartier (US), Jeffers Egan (US), Kangding Ray [FR], Tim Hecker (CA) & others A broad presentation of Polish artists dedicated to media and audiovisual arts Projects and installations prepared specially for the event or shown uniquely: Burnt Friedman (DE)/Jaki Liebezeit (DE)/Jeffers Egan (US), Taylor Deupree (US)/Richard Charter (US), Agf (DE)/Delay (FIN), Geoff White (US), Ran Slavin (IL) & others Experimental cinema screenings - Ran Slavin (IL) presenting his newest works for the first time accompanied by Colorfield Variations curated by Richard Chartier Workshops, lectures, discussions – artists performing during the festival also as guiders and teachers, lecturers treating the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of audiovisual domain: Ran Slavin (IL), Taylor Deupree (US), Richard Charter (US), Vladislav Delay (FIN), Lillevan (DE), Jeffers Egan (US), Geoff White (US) Workshops conducted with the most advanced fully professional equipment broadly used when creating and performing audiovisual arts 2 cities, 3 places – a fully interactive event, combining 3 different places (Contemporary Arts Centre, eNeRDe & Mózg) to create a widest possible range of multimedia, audiovisual performances
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