Speedy J presents: Electric Deluxe Showcase

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    Speedy J Oscar Mulero Function Shifted Marcel Fengler Christian Wünsch AnD Amid the most emblematic electronic music week in Barcelona comes TECHNO OFF WEEK: six nights entirely dedicated to this thrilling genre AnD that will gather together legendary artists AnD labels brought to us by the scene over the last three decades. Be prepared because from June 16th to 21st, techno reigns supreme in Barcelona! TECHNO OFF WEEK Bloc Club Barcelona Ronda de Sant Pere 19-21, 08010 / Barcelona-España .......... Produced by B4bookings & Undrez, in collaboration with NoSleep Bookings www.no-sleep.net
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  • Speedy J, Oscar Mulero, Marcel Fengler, Function, Shifted, Christian Wunsch, Plus our very own AnD. This summer Electric Deluxe set down in Barcelona for our very first Sonar. Taking over downtown haunt Bloc club on June 17, we’ll be adding our two pence to the brimming Off program this year with quite possibly our biggest line up yet. First up there’s Oscar Mulero, who round these parts should need precious little introduction. In his long and prolific career, the Pole Group chief has seen fads come and go—though his tastes and expertise have always kept him several paces ahead. These days he maintains a pretty deep and atmospheric tone but just about anything doesn’t seem too far out of reach. Together with Christian Wünsch, who joined the Pole Group album ranks last year with ‘Internal Conversion’, we couldn’t ask for better Spanish representatives this EDP. Berlin’s Marcel Fengler isn’t a stranger to the camp, many a party he’s brought his quirky merit to the booth. It goes without saying each Berghain resident has their thing, but with Fengler there’s always a surprise in store. It might not always seem quite right, but that’s the most exciting part. Then from cult legend to modern day hero, Function rarely ever disappoints. Now with two highly acclaimed albums in the bag for Ostgut Ton and noisy tastemaker Hospital Records—which saw the Downwards cohort take to ambience with ease—industrial might be on the cards. But then again, who knows. Mote-Evolver, Our Circular Sound and his own taste-making Avian—you can’t help but plunge deep into the luscious, monochromatic layers of Shifted’s contemporary techno sound. At once ghoulish and ethereal, for the floor and not all, over the last few years he’s become a real underground favourite, boasting a set that’s not to be missed. Finally there’s AnD, who have been unrestrainedly bludgeoning their way into the hearts and minds of the whole Electric Deluxe family. Things have certainly been getting harder and harder over here, and we can’t wait for more. As ever, chief Speedy J will be heading up affairs. Forget easing into Sonar—get it started with a bang!
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