Bleep43 With Surgeon, Dj Pete And Scorn

  • Bleep43 finishes 2008 with a line-up that we hope will see off the year in fine style. After a year's hiatus Surgeon returns to Bleep43 for what we think will be another intense musical journey taking in the latest cutting edge Techno alongside Dubstep, and all manner of other musical styles. Reprising their time together from the 90's at the old Tresor club, both him and DJ Pete will be sharing the decks all night, with an hours intermission for an hour of bass exploration from the legendary Scorn. Pete Kuschnereit is a central figure in the Berlin Techno scene, having been a member of Scion since the early 90's, and also releasing under his own pseudonym Substance to a number of groundbreaking records on Chain Reaction. He also is a regular at Berghain, DJing with a style that inflects dubstep with solid house and techno. Surgeon – “During the Nineties I was a resident at Tresor, Djing there once a month. On one visit, I went to a dingy venue known as the Suicide club in the Eastern part of the city. Pete was playing there, and we were introduced by Tresor’s Marc Snow. Later that weekend he played at Globus, cutting up two copies of Wishmountain’s “Radio”, turning my head inside out in the process. We became great friends and Pete would then join me on my Tresor residency, playing the whole night, an hour on and off, having a lot of fun mixing up different styles. It’s been at least 8 years since we’ve done that, and as such December’s party is something we’re both really looking forward to.” In one of the more unusual musical journeys of recent times, Mick Harris has gone from being the rhythmic cyclone behind seminal grindcore band Napalm Death in the 80’s to being lauded as a dubstep pioneer. Mick's Scorn project explores the unseen territory between post-rock, industrial, dub and ambient genres resulting in bass heavy, mesmerizing soundscapes. A highly prolific producer, Mick has released more than 25 albums and 12"s as Scorn since the projects inception in 1991 as well as many releases under his Lull and Quoit aliases. His renowned live sets have included collaborations with John Zorn, Bill Laswell and The Boredom's Yamatsuka Eye. Surgeon - “I was introduced to Mick Harris back in 1994 as we had similar tastes in film and music. As he lived a short walk from me, he was very generous in allowing me to use the small studio he had set up in his downstairs toilet. He was an important catalyst for my musical career as I produced my first tracks there (the Surgeon EP), and shortly afterwards he introduced me to Karl O’Connor (Regis), who started Downwards records in order to release it. We also worked together, Mick remixing 3 tracks of mine on Tresor, and performed alongside each other in Berlin in 1998 as “Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt”. To buy tickets - please visit
  • Bleep43 With Surgeon, Dj Pete And Scorn - Flyer front