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  • Antidote: B6 "Post Haze" CD Release Party Saturday, Nov.15, 2008 @ Shelter The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu, Shanghai. 10pm-late. DJs: B6, Dre Skull, Trix, Kico, Ben Huang 50 RMB/door (includes B6's new CD). * Shanghai's most prolific native producer, B6, will be releasing his most mature music production yet - his new solo album "Post Haze". This will be a landmark evening for China's home-grown music scene. The CDs will be available this evening only, along with t-shirts and other goodies to celebrate the release. * We're also excited to have Brooklyn-based producer/remixer Dre Skull in the line-up, and we're welcoming back Trix, after a long absence from Shanghai. It gets better - one of our favorite upcoming local girls - DJ Kico, will start out the evening. * This will be the first night of B6's China National Tour, followed by a tour of Asia and Europe. * T-shirts by The Thing for sale on the night. B6 Buttons by Computer Solutions. ---- B6 is available for interviews now. See below for more details on the artist and the release. ---- B6 - "Post Haze" CD album release and tour, November 2008. B6 is China's most prolific and respected independent modern music producer and DJ. Hailing from Shanghai, this 26-year-old maverick is a multi-talented electronic music pioneer, DJ, renowned graphic artist, and co-founder of and the Antidote parties. As a teenager, B6 started his own independent record label (Isolation), and composed critically-acclaimed experimental sound art, ambient, and post-rock albums while also producing sound and designing album covers for various alternative music acts on the mainland. B6's graphic works have been exhibited in museums in the UK, Europe, and North America. In the years since, B6's productions have explored a variety of genres, from synth-pop to IDM to breakcore and drum and bass, and in 2006 released a 6-CD box set of his early works. In 2007, B6 teamed up with singer JJay Wu to complete a radio-friendly but cutting-edge synth-pop album called IGO "Synth Love", released on Universal Music HK. In November 2008, B6 will release a new solo album - B6 "Post Haze" on China's Modern Sky Records. "Post Haze" shows a new maturity in B6's music, with precision programming, dance-floor rocking rhythms and glitch-happy beats. Starting with smooth, atmospheric minimalism, moving into mind-bending tech-house, then a bit of bangin' techno, "Post Haze" promises to be a landmark release out of China's developing independent music scene. As a DJ, B6 captivates audiences with his signature subtlety - first drawing attention to the details of the music with a patient hand, before locking a groove and making the crowd go crazy. Utilizing effects instruments, B6 brings new sounds to the DJ booth. While his music is cutting-edge and stimulating, it's also completely accessible to a variety of fans and club environments, from tiny underground warehouse parties to festival stages. B6 has been interviewed and featured by BBC TV, NPR Radio, CCTV, and reviewed in magazines like Time, The Wire, Vision, Milk, 1626, and many more. He's also composed music for films and commercials (Nike shoes). Sample music: (EN) (CN) "[B6/IGO album] Synth Love is Polished, Dazzling and Glamorous" - Ian Sherman, Time Out Beijing B6's "Post Haze" Tour begins November 15, 2008 @ The Shelter in Shanghai, China. He is available for bookings after this date.
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