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    Room 1: Klaxons (dj set Jamie Reynolds) + Cosy Mozzy vs Montevideo + Fanklub Djs
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  • They are in the middle of the recording process of their new album, but Klaxons bass player Jamie Reynolds agreed to play a special dj-set at Culture Club nevertheless.... If the name “Klaxons” doesn’t ring a bell, you must have live in the deepest dungeons lately... The music of this London based band is sometimes referred to as “nu-rave” or "acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk", whatever that means... One thing is certain, their music struck a chord with today’s youth and defies all musical bounderies. Listen, for instance, to the Justice remix of “As above, so below”... If you want to get an idea of what this night at Culture Club will be like, check out the tracklist of “A bugged out mix by Klaxons”… Dirty Dancing deputy Cosy Mozzy gladly accepted to warm up for Jamie Reynolds and is introducing his latest project “Cosy Mozzy vs Montevideo”. From Antwerp we’ve got the renowned Fanklub Djs. Sounds like a perfect night out�
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