Boomtick Pres. Japan 4 feat Hyper

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    Hyper and the Boomtick elite.
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  • If you’ve been to the movies or watched TV, played a video game or have listened to the radio in the past decade, chances are you’ve probably heard the sounds of Hyper. It seems like everybody wants a piece of DJ Hyper including car manufacture Peugeot who’ve had their sticky fingers all over his 2006 debut album ‘We Control’. ‘We control’, released on Hyper’s own Kilowatt Recordings label, took an unexpected but not at all unpleasant turn when it churned out Hyper LIVE; the greatly received live band touring all over Europe and playing at some of the biggest festivals in the world. Hyper is known for sets that are never less then perfect and for a sound that is in high demand. With album number two just around the corner, we know you’ll want a piece of him as well.
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  • Boomtick Pres. Japan 4 feat Hyper - Flyer front
    Boomtick Pres. Japan 4 feat Hyper - Flyer back