Boomtick Pres. Skool Of Thought

  • Skool of Thought has oft been described as an “underrated genius”, and is said to be bringing a breath of beat laden fresh air to the world of underground breakbeat with both his own sound and the long list of international artists following the learned piped piper. Doubling as the man behind the monster Supercharged / Against the Grain labels, Skool of Thought has continued to smash all preconceived notions and ideas and is ready to charter untapped territories, and some well traversed ones! Still riding the rollercoaster high that was “Random Acts of Kindness”; Skool of Thought is being welcomed back to the Home of The Underground for another delivery of what can only be described as the Heart of the ‘Hood sounds!
  • Boomtick Pres. Skool Of Thought - Flyer front