• One of the best drum programmers is back in our Boiler tonight: FunkinEven. While the Briton is a musical buddy of Kyle Hall (together they’re FunkinEvil), the analogue nerd Dexter was a great inspiration for Steffi from Ostgut Ton – the two Dutch producers founded the great electro label Klakson. Good news: they’re planning to rekindle the platform this year. The Australian secret weapon Kate Miller will top off the melodic fun. Treasure seeking! In our Bunker, the Spaniard Psyk will debut on his first Stattnacht. He’s not only running the techno label Non Series, his album “Time Foundation” with its Robert Hood educated tool funk was one of the best LPs in 2014. Next to our resident Moerbeck, the Belgian Peter Van Hoesen is also back again. Since this year, he’s co-operating a new studio called Handwerk Audio, where producers can book and use a fabulous collection of synthesizers and drum machines. Time to express yourself!