Disk/CTM presents Squarepusher

  • Only show in Germany! To offer a taste of the 10th anniversary edition of the Festival forthcoming in January 2009, club transmediale proudly presents what after a break of many years is to be the first and, moreover, the only concert given in Germany by the pioneer of Electronica, Squarepusher, who will present his new masterpiece Just A Souvenir on 26th November 2008 in the Volksbühne theatre Berlin. Accompanied by a drummer and an elaborate video show, Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher will transform the theatre’s main stage into a seething dance-floor, with a spectacular concert concept. Media-shy, 33 year-old Jenkinson undisputedly ranks among the last decade’s most influential electronic musicians, one who succeeded with each of his no less than 11 albums to re-invent himself and to lure his listeners into visionary future worlds with exciting, innovative music. Contemporaneous with Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert Jenkinson distilled at the tender age of 20 a radically new sound – it would come to be known as Drill'n'Bass – from the remains of the Rave movement, from Acid House, and from the still young genres Jungle, Drum'n'Bass and IDM. Squarepusher’s pioneering debut album, Feed Me Weird Things, released in 1996 on Aphex Twins’ Rephlex label helped pave the road to success for this new style and its never-before-heard beat abstraction that generated with raw energy an irresistible groove, permanently on the brink of collapse and chaos. In the meantime Squarepusher has come to stand, above all, for feverish, highly complex beat sequences, the fluid high-velocity transformations of which distend the extreme limits of acoustic abstraction; yet also for the unreal beauty of futuristic, incessantly distorting sounds and mutating melodies woven to musical structures that make our usual perception of constant time seem obsolete. Squarepusher’s tracks accelerate and decelerate time almost as if, in his magic hands time turns to rubber, a malleable substance. With the album Big Loada on Nothing Records in1997 Squarepusher irrevocably fathomed the limits of perception of musical structures and revealed himself to be at the pinnacle of his programming skills with which he profoundly influenced numerous succeeding artists, such as Breakcore mastermind Venetian Snares. Pieces like "Full Rinse" and "Come On My Selector", famed also because of the congenial visualisations by video director Chris Cunningham, are milestones of modern electronic music: hardly anybody before or since so successfully merged otherworldly abstract beauty with the raw energy of the dance-floor as did Jenkinson. His biggest commercial successes were the two extremely influential albums Hard Normal Daddy (1997) and Go Plastic (2001). Sofia Coppola used his music in her films, which further boosted his fame. With the album Music Is One Rotted Note, released in 1998 on Warp, Jenkinson created a very personal version of an advanced Acid-Jazz-Rock that combines hand-crafted and programmed sounds, live bass, electronica and drums, with fascinating ease. The album marked a turning point in Jenkinson’s career, a new direction that he pursued in several subsequent productions, thereby gaining a reputation as a technically virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. The man described by Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as “the best electric bass player in the world” was here to find his way to a unique mix of hyper-complex Breakbeat cascades, beautifully woven ghostly threads of melody, Free Jazz spasms, Funk grooves and the cumulative energy of Acid-Rock and Metal. On hand to attune us to the sublime delights the evening holds in store will be Norwegian Noise-Rockers and Berliners-by-choice MoHa! who released their explosive 3rd album, One-way Ticket to Candyland in September on Rune Grammofon. Anders Hana on guitar and keyboards and Morten S. Olson on drums unite carefree nonchalance with mathematical precision, thereby sparking a maelstrom of sharp-edged sound splinters, weighty guitar riffs, shivering noise and high-velocity beats. Squarepusher’s new album Just a Souvenir is in Jenkinson’s own words the attempt to capture an hallucinatory-visionary experience at a rock concert and to honour its absurdly futuristic fantastical qualities: a souvenir of the future, therefore, from one of the decade’s most far-sighted musicians. It will be released on Warp on October 27th.
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