2 Years Of Wildfamily with Nick Curly

  • Friday October 24th, 2008, keep this date in mind and block it in your agenda!! 2 Years ago, we began a raving mad story with the Wildfamily… . You are always loyal to our concept, you meet people with the same state of mind, you enjoy our parties until the early morning and to express our thanks we offer you exclusive international artists combined with promising young Belgian talents ! They always try to push their limits in music to the max! It’s our birthday but yours also! 2 years of family baby....just WILDFAMILY ! Furthermore, 2 years means a double impact with 2 different parties. First of all, we start the ‘war’ @ Decadance with a famous German artist : Nick Curly. Dj, producer and label manager, he is an artist of the new generation from Germany. Do you get the drill ? Sleep well, save your strength, get a babysit before the party… THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
  • 2 Years Of Wildfamily with Nick Curly - Flyer front