Good Music I Dance Freedom

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    SERGIO VILLA (Medellin, Colombia) 2:00PM A 4:00PM Dsum VS MORRIS (Medellin, Colombia) 4:00PM A 7:00PM Massi DL (Naples, Italy) 7:00PM A 10:00PM Kenny Larkin (Detroit, USA) 10:00PM A 1:00AM Stacey Pullen (Detroit, USA) 1:00AM A 4:00AM
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  • The acronym "GMID" means "GOOD MUSIC I DANCE". This name originates from a clever shirt that chilean dj and producer Ricardo Villalobos was wearing. After seeing the need the idea of making the specialized festival focused on forward thinking dance music was born. The dictionary definition of the word "DANCE" is "to move ones feet or body, or both, in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music." For us "DANCE" is the act of making love to the music. In 2006, at the exotic outdoor area of Medellin, the first edition of "GMID" was realised. With 2 quality techno artist named Deetron (aka Musicman) and Paul Mac (aka Jorge Zamacona). 3000 thousand people broke their feet, hearts and minds for more than 15 hours non stop in an event never seen before and thus a movement was born. 2007 brought new energy and new musical developements. And Finally, after years of waiting, we had the opportunity of presenting the "Border Community Recordings" head honcho, the brilliant dj and producer, James Holden .. yet again 3000 people had the opportunity to discover "GMID". 2008 will be no exception with us in May we presented the first promoter and the assassin of "BAD MUSIC", the godfather of the Detroit techno movement, Derrick May. Derrick performed in the best and beautiful venue of our city, the "Jardin Botanico de Medellin", an the opportunity to host one of the most emblematic and legendary electronic music artists of all time. Again this Year we bring you a very special edition of the "GMID FESTIVAL" in the form of "FREEDOM". For first time the dance freedom will be a reality in Colombia as it needs to be. More than 3 top international talents from all over the globe will provide some of the most cutting-edge sounds in electronic music to bring you an unforgettable sound totally free for all kind of crowds and people. Specting more than 5000 people waiting for the biggest GOOD MUSIC I DANCE of all time, the Saturday 1 of November od the present year.
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