Lost and Found Department

  • It's Sunday afternoon you've been out since Friday and managed to lose your keys, phone and perhaps more importantly your friends who might have your keys and phone! Well now we have a place to save everyone who has ever been in this situation,a place for people to drop off things they have found throughout the weekend and a place to track down those lost keys, phones, friends, randoms, missing parts of the night! The Lost and Found Department is what it is, it's for those who have Lost it and need to be Found! It's for those who have lost their friends and are trying to hunt them down, It's for those who want to get incredibly lost before their boyfriend/girlfriend comes to find them to take them home! It's for those who went out in fancy dress and lost parts of their outfits only to find the guy in your hat has had the same idea, he is also very lost and in need of finding! Bring along all the random things you have accumulated throughout the weekend, whether it's people, a piece of paper a religious freak gave you telling you "You are the chosen one", a tutu or even a midget. Bring them all along and let us provide the dice and pens and paper for you to make decisions, as you won't be in any fit state to make your own!
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