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    Jimmy - WPLYMSC Simon Ledder - WPLYMSC Mattie Twentythree - WPLYMSC, digitalvomit.com
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  • Saturday 8th November sees the return of WE PLAY MUSIC LONDON! After the success of our last outing, We Play Music have once again commandeered Dalston's finest new venue, the MOUSTACHE BAR , for an evening of drunken dancing/finger pointing/treasure hunting etc etc. Residents Mattie, Jimmy and Mr. Simon will be playing the usual/unusual mix of danceable tunes contained within the one/all/some of the following musical sub genres; ACID / COSMIC / DUB / DISCO/FIDGET / GLITCH / ITALO / KRAUT / SYNTH POP / MUTANT / NO WAVE and possibly some various forms of TECHNO Entry and Fun are provided FREE of charge Please check out our Website to listen to our recent mixes http://www.weplaymusic.co.uk LOTS OF LOVE WPM xxx
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