Futureboogie presents Crazy P

  • As far as we're concerned Crazy P are one of the best acts in the country right now. Years of hitting the UK's, and frankly, the world's best parties, and the fireball of disco energy that is Danielle Moore runnin things upfront, mean that 'the P' leave dancefloor damage wherever they go. Having the enviable knack of always deligting their fans, and winning new ones every time they play has seen they play every UK festival there is, countless European ones, and repeated tours of Australia. Their new album is ready. Its called 'Stop Space Return'. It's on hot to trot UK house label 20:20 Vision. It's the one that everyone has been waiting for. It's the one that will see them hailed as rightful kings and queens of the current wigged out and wonked up disco pop sound that is emerging everywhere from Dalston pubs, Ibiza terraces and East End sweatshops, to Moby remixes and Radio 1 playlists. There's videos, there's Maurice Fulton remixes, there's launch parties, big parties, small parties. There's lots of parties because that's what Crazy P are about. Believe. You think you thought Crazy P were good? You should see them now....before they go big large. And I'm not being funny, but I couldn't make DJ reactions this good if I tried.... "It's a fantastic slab of quivering nu-disco" (Trevor Jackson) "Loving this!" (Tim Goldsworthy / DFA) "Killer" (Tony Tobias) "Amazing release" (Aeroplane) "So good" (Tim Sweeney / Beats in Space / DFA) "Great release" (Funk D'Void) "Great tracks" (Optimo) "Awesome package!" (Manuel Tur) "As good as ever!" (Laurent Garnier) "Grreat!" (James Holroyd) "Just wonderful" (Luke Solomun) "Great fresh funk" (Llorca) "I love this" (Ilija Rudman) "Fucking ace" (Stuart Patterson / Faith) "Really like this" (Marco Passarani)