Musicology 0.4

  • MUSICOLOGY 0.3 J.SWARZ + SHEN YUE About JAUM3 aka J.SWARZ JAUM3 aka J.SWARZ Forever absorbing and adapting to the newest and upcoming trends, J.SWARZ’s career as a DJ has been diverse and versatile. He has his finger on the very pulse of electronic dance music, sensitive to its evolution and knowledgeable in the depths of its potential. A powerful and tireless performer, J.SWARZ has been energizing music lovers with his spectacular beat mix and EQ techniques. His obsession with exploring styles outside the confines of techno, including Electro, Breaks and the finest Minimal Sounds, give him an arsenal to deliver a performance second-to-none on the music scene. J.SWARZ is known for his charisma and professionalism when on stage, turning him into something more than your ordinary DJ. With more than a decade on the decks, it is his dedication, drive and passion, which single J.SWARZ out as one of the most exciting DJs around. His experience of working with such renowned DJs as Agoria, Jake Fairley, Kiki, , Martin Eyerer, Guido Schneider, have further helped J.SWARZ to harness his skills and intensify his performance. Official DJ of the Label Sound Fate Rec.. give to him the word of perfection and quality of his DJ mixes. About SHEN YUE: With over ten years of experience on the decks, ShenYue is no newcomer to the electronic music scene in China. This native Beijinger has been at the very heart of electronic music’s development in the middle kingdom in recent years, pulsating party-lovers with his kicking tunes and mashing beats. Evolution epitomizes ShenYue’s work. Keen to change and adapt to the ever-changing nature of musical tastes in the capital, ShenYue’s tunes breathe fresh life into Beijing’s electronic music scene, reflecting the rapidly changing landscape of the city he loves. His musical aspirations began in the late 1990s when he played with the band Anarchy Boy. Electronic Music became his passion only a few years later, however, when he took the name ShenYue. Prior to joining Science of Sounds in early 2008, he had cooperated with Bed Rock (UK) and Bai Cai (PRC). He has been a resident DJ at Tango since 2006, during which time he has solidified his reputation as one of Beijing’s most exciting and electric DJs. ShenYue has worked with the following DJs during his spinning career: Shonky (France), D’Julz (France), Frank Martiniq (Germany), Paul Rich (Germany), Toni Rios (Germany), Ken Ishii (Japan), Austin Leeds (USA), Pole Folder (Belguim), Derek Howell (Holland)… On the commercial front he has worked with Marlboro, Black Label and Chivas on several publicity events as well as performed at the Kappa (China) annual presentation and Universal Press Conferences for Gwen Stefani [The Sweet Escape], Rihanna [Good Girls Gone Bad] and Fergie [London Bridge].
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