Krake Festival Day VI: The Kraken with Untold, Eomac, Hypnobeat, Ekman, Arad etc

  • //////////////////////////////////////////////// THE KRAKEN The Sat­ur­day undoubt­edly is the peak of the Krake Fes­ti­val. Cross­ing over from ambient and elec­tron­ica to the freaki­est shit in techno and elec­tro, this night will be a four­di­men­sional blast filled with outstanding music, visual arts and every­thing that goes in between categories including a patch wrestling competition. Come on down and freak with us! ////////////////////////////////////////////// SUICIDE CLUB FLOOR UNTOLD (hemlock) - a/v live show BINTUS (power vacuum) - live EOMAC (killekill, lakker) - live KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME (mote evolver) - live ARAD (electric deluxe, lakker) SOLARIS (ifz) XVII (ifz) Dance music is dead? Well, certainly not with the people we have invited for you. Whether you call it techno, electro or bass music - we have gathered some of the finest of that kind for tonight. ////////////////////////////////////////////// SUICIDE GARDEN hosted by SAMEHEADS GATTO FRITTO (international feel, fritto morto) SKISM (wasn & wunderwaffel) VERA MONA (berlin) - live This floor will be hosted by the Neukölln-based Sameheads Berlin Berlin crew, a col­lec­tive, which is defined by its unique blend of creative perspectives and fiercely independent production values. Based in Berlin since 2006, Sameheads provide a setting where artists with backgrounds in Fashion, Art, Music, Film and Media converge, collaborate and influence each other's creative approach. Edgy, experimental cross-pollination with one eye on the role art can play in cultural exchange and integration. They have brought together a fine selection of artists presenting long lost Euro­pean disco tracks, pul­sat­ing con­tem­po­rary elec­tronic jams and exper­i­men­tal live showcases. The dj set of Greek dj and producer KONDAKTOR from last year was a revelation. So in the morning hours we leave this floor to him again to take you on an eclectic trip through his musical world. ////////////////////////////////////////////// URBAN SPREE CONCERT HYPNOBEAT (James Dean Brown & Helena Hauff) - live EKMAN (berceuse heroique) - live NIGHTJARS (enlightened wax) - live UMWELT (new flesh) GEN.HECTIC (Metaphysik) On this floor we present a killer line up of international electro artists, headed by legendary project HYPNOBEAT. Their percussive sessions with uncountable drum machines are a unique experience. ////////////////////////////////////////////// ROBOT ARMY FLOOR @ URBAN SPREE BASEMENT BAEKS KRIEK HERR SCHNEIDER Robot Army - A Berlin col­lec­tive which truly knows how to rock a floor. All Tre­sor res­i­dents of the 90s, these guys will bring their punky base­ment techno to our fes­ti­val. We are proud to have them here. Put on your danc­ing shoes, and beware of seri­ous dj skills on this floor! ////////////////////////////////////////////// URBAN SPREE GALLERY In the Gallery the Art Exhibition will be accessible all night long featuring another Disco Ghost performance by Julia Drouhin. As another special there will be a patch wrestling competition. Think geeky nerds tweaking their modular systems, think the World Wrestling Federation - think it together and you are almost there. ////////////////////////////////////////////// MFOC FLOOR @ URBAN SPREE GARDEN RALF KÖSTER (mfoc, golden pudel club) ALEX SOLMAN (mfoc, golden pudel club) MFOC = Music for our Children, Mother Fuckers of Califonia or Musik Fetischisten Ohren Charakter. For 20 years, every Sunday night at Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club, MFOC is coming to Berlin's Krake Festival! Alex Solman, best postcard painter since the war, and Ralf Köster, a toothless E-Musik-monster will bring their armchair techno, deep-flying drones and senile insomnia all night long. Might be good or special. Or not. Just open the window and try out! (Brian Eno) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// GENERAL INFO: Summer 2015. The Kraken will rise again, bringing up a full week of great electronic music straight from the depths of the Berlin and international underground, leaving behind all small minds and fraidy cats. KRAKE is an annual Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music brought to you by Killekill. KRAKE means octopus and the festival is organised in a comparable way: reaching out to selected locations during one week presenting the best in electronic music, whatever style it is. The festival is not huge, not expensive, does not have big sponsoring deals or four different colour area passes. It’s just a good and so far successful try to bring back the focus on artists who dare to step off the beaten tracks. A festival for music lovers.

But what’s new this year?

The over-all set up will be the same as last year: A week starting with an arty night on Monday, the classic Wednesday night at Berghain Kantine, a bomb night of modern techno on Friday at Suicide Circus, and the peak of the festival on the last day, where we combine the areal of Urban Spree with that of Suicide Circus to offer a massive festival place right in the center of the city to wander around between six floors full with music and arts.

Musicwise we have forged ahead into unknown depths again and compiled what we consider cutting edge: Untold, Cassegrain & Tin Man, Eomac, Mondkopf are names which should give you an idea of what we are talking about here… Putting together an inspiring line up is not enough for us though, and so we have stretched out our tentacles even further and pulled together all sorts of micro scenes to let them fertilize each other and make this week an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. May it be like-minded Berlin networks such as the Sameheads or Robot Army which both will run floors on the final mayhem on Saturday, or the vivid body art and performance scene which we present on the Wednesday night at Berghain Kantine. Highlight in this concern will definitely be the label boutique on Tuesday, where we have selected the finest labels of the Berlin underground to present themselves, sell their stuff and discuss big questions of modern times.
To round the whole thing off, we have set up an exhibition of music-related and interdisciplinary art featuring Robert Henke’s laser installation “Destructive Observation Field” and Sonic Robots’ “MR-808 Interactive”, a robotic 808 the size of your wardrobe, which will be accessible at Urban Spree all week.

We emphasize our claim to be more than just another music festival. Come on down with us! 
Yours, the Killekill and Krake Team
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  • Krake Festival Day VI: The Kraken with Untold, Eomac, Hypnobeat, Ekman, Arad etc - Flyer front