The Official Closer After-Party & Strange Worlds 'Danote Ep' Launch Party

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    Charlton Ravenberg (Return Records - Arms - Audio Assult) Steve Strawberry (Closer) Darko/APKO (Strange Worlds) Clint Lee (Wildlife - Ibiza) Rupeski (Strange Worlds) Prof. Stretch (Dance Conspiracy - Underwolves) Blake Baker (Key of Live - Abstract) Marc Epstein (Strange Worlds) Mr.Rakas (Strange Worlds) Ty - Fi (Strange Worlds) Leroy Robberts (Ibiza Underground)
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  • The Official CLOSER After-Party & STRANGE WORLDS 'Danote' Launch Party Friday, November 21, 2008 at 12:00am - Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 5:00pm Location: A Secret Location not far from Hidden. Email: [email protected] The Official CLOSER After-Party & STRANGE WORLDS 'Danote EP' Launch Party A Secret Location not far from Hidden, London. Friday, November 21, 2008 at 12:00am until Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 5:00pm DJs: Strange Worlds, Universal Vibes, Paddy Freeform, Closer, Steve Strawberry, Charlton Ravenberg, Speedy J, Blake Baker (Key of Life - Abstract), Clint Lee (Wildlife - Ibiza), Darko, Ty - Fi, Mr.Rakas, Marc Epstein, Leroy Robberts, Rupeski, Prof. Stretch, Joe Legz, and more..... To celebrate the debut release of Strange Worlds 'Danote EP' out on Universal Vibes 21.11.08 we're going all the way, just under 24hrs of total carnage in 2 different locations, with 2 very different party's, for very similar people. 22.11.08 The Official CLOSER & 'DANOTE EP' Launch & AFTER PARTY. The Official CLOSER After-Party & STRANGE WORLDS 'Danote' Launch Party 22.11.08 @ The Light Box The lineup for this event is off the wall... We're flying in to London, one of Holland's new rising stars of techno and dubstep, producer/Dj Charlton Ravenberg. Resident @ the 'SubCulture' parties in Utrecht in 2005 and releasing under labels Audio Assault/Arms (label of Bas Mooy and Jeroen Liebregts). Charlton's dark off-beat rhythms, filled with nasty razor-sharp and hypnotizing acid basslines, had a great impact on Dutch techno scene.Along side Charlton, Steve Strawberry will (yet again) spill those beats all over the floor filling our shoes with rythem. Then, to add to the fun we've got the legend himself Professor Stretch (Dance Conspiracy - Underwolves), who was one part of the guys responsible for the classic 90's track "Dub War" and then an influential producer within the 90's drum & bass scene. He was then signed with Ned Kelly to Island Records by Ross Allen as "The Underwolves", which let to the release of their debut album Under Your Sky & 68 moves which was featured on the Cafe Del Mar No. 7 compilation. After a few years out of the scene Stretch has returned with a new perspective on music. Strange Worlds were responsible for the notorious Uncle Fester party's which saw them throw a 3 day party during the Notting Hill Carnival 2008 in an open air car-park, something that hasn't happened since the 80's. DJ's Darko, Mr.Rakas, Marc Epstein and Plastic Milena will feed us with delights, covering all the angles with everything so WRONG, yet so right, it's an after-party after all.. !! Leroy Roberts......Brought To fame by winning a DJ Competition run by londons biggest house music event Ibiza Underground in which he fended off the challenge of some of londons hottest young talent. With his cool Electro/Tech house style he was thrown straight into action at events such as Formula 'The Pre Ibiza Workers Party' @ Egg before jetting off to play on the white isle..! Now he is Established as a monthly resident for Ibiza Underground @ Brixton Mass, and is seen performing at a variety of other venues....A True Up And Coming Talent. For those of you that make it down to CLOSER you can also can get information and tickets on the after party from any of the Strange Worlds crew in room 2. You can't miss us, we’ve got black Strange Worlds t-shirts on.If you purchased tickets for CLOSER from us directly then you'll be given free entry to the after party. Two for the price of one, who can resist? Ticket's will be available via our website 21.11.08 Strange Worlds LIVE 4HR SHOW @ CLOSER We're incorporating our own productions performed live with 2 DJs, throwing in elements of our tunes as well as other tunes that are slamming floors at this time. Hosting Room 2 along side will be Tim Gale & Paul Lindley. Some would think that this is enough, but some would disagree. To add to the punch that we're throwing, CLOSER have the main room which sees Dutch legend Speedy J who will be making a rare visit to the UK to play at Closer. Speedy J has been at the forefront of the techno scene for over 15 years and has recorded for labels like Plus 8, Music Man, Warp and Novamute, so we’re very excited to have the Dutch master join us. Also playing will be Ben Sims, one of the heroes of the UK scene and the man behind the Split parties, and CLOSER resident Steve Strawberry, and without him there wouldn't be any cream as well as Clint Lee. And with all of that, I think that's the only way to celebrate with us. Strange Worlds are: Darko QC Rupeski Mr.Rakas Ty - Fi Marc Epstein All links to myspace & facebook through HYPERLINK and the link to buy tickets are through the same site. Info: 020 7372 8811 or 07531 779 053 Email: [email protected] For all PRESS enquiries please contact Jonas at EPM on +44 (0)20 8566 0200 [email protected]
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