Celebrate Life: Dope Jams Spring Bash

  • With scorching precision, Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt will once again take up the helms at their monthly residency, laughing at Father Snow right to his smug little face, repudiating the entire season for having abandoned us in favor of the pleasures of ozone cleansing and petroleum skin treatment. Doors open at 10 pm and close at 4 am, so stop grieving over what is already done, put down your hot chocolate and dress (not-so) warm for LIFE's March spectacular! We can't promise the temperature will quite reach its peak July levels, but we can assure you that the insulated haven of the Good Room will offer some respite from the existential chills visited upon all of us at the realization that an ice age of much more sinister proportions might be just around the bend.
  • Celebrate Life: Dope Jams Spring Bash - Flyer front