Benji B + Sampha + Lil Silva + Room 2: Girls Girls Girls

  • We’re proud to announce from Saturday 4th April to Saturday 27th June, Benji B will present Deviation for 13 weeks back to back as XOYO’s second quarter resident. It’s been two years since Deviation made its home at XOYO and as one of the most influential club nights in London, it felt a natural step to invite Benji B to take part in our residency series. Unlike our previous residents, we’ve worked closely with Benji for an extensive time and can attest to his eye for detail. From re-tuning the soundsystem ahead of every Deviation to concentrating on the details of Room 2, Benji’s attentiveness is what will set his residency apart from the rest. Benji B, Sampha and Lil Silva all up on the same billing come Saturday 2 May. We’re excited for this one... “Sampha's tunes have been the last songs of the night at Deviation for some time now (as well as played right in the middle of the dance) - and Lil Silva jams have been routinely destroying Deviation dance floor for years” says Benji. Tickets available here:
  • Benji B + Sampha + Lil Silva + Room 2: Girls Girls Girls - Flyer front