Habit Electro vs This Is Not A Rave

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    Main Room: Dan Cook (Maximalism) Kev Reason (Get-Twizted) Mike Fry Pato Vidal (Sexcassettes) Max Mash (Get-Twizted) 'THIS IS NOT A RAVE' Room: Si Edkins Tommi Nic Liu Pressplay_dj
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  • Habit Electro is Shoreditch’s most hardcore electro night. Having assembled a collective of young and edgy DJs, Habit brings something raw and exciting to the scene. Habit Electro has a direction and character which makes it special. The mantra that inspired the night captures this: Music first, the rest will follow. No dress code. No VIPs. No funky house, no chart house, no hard house, no cheese, no umbrellas, no souljas, no R&B, no D&B. We don’t want you to put your hands up for Detroit and we don’t need you to get low. That guy from Hollyoaks isn’t coming and you can’t buy 3 Vodka Kicks for £5. This is not fancy dress. This is Habit Electro. --- PROFILES: Dan Cook Dan Cook is one of the most exciting products of the London electro Scene. Consistently delivering flawless sets of the choicest electro, Dan never wastes a track. Dan plays regularly at venues such as Pacha, The Island, Scala, Inigo, Babalou... for promotions such as MiMo, Maximalism, Twisted Disco, Supergroove, Tanuki, Jambasha. Dan compiles and writes the 'Killer Download Chart' for DJmag, printed in each months edition. He also manages and promotes the DJmag online. Dan has just arrived back from playing at Guruana in Ibiza for MiMo. Kev Reason Kev Reason is turning into a big shot these days. His beloved Get_Twizted have their own night at Herbal and he has managed to play at some of London’s biggest nights. Kev has recently graced Scala, Pacha, Ministry of Sound and White House with his amazing sets of the phattest beats and the filthiest electro. Mike Fry Mike Fry is Habit Electro’s young prodigy. Having only been in the game 6 months, he’s already a DJ of fantastic ability. Having played at Herbal and Scala recently his stock is massively on the rise. Remember the name. Max Mash Max is another founding father of the Get_Twizted crew. Unusually for an electro DJ, Max is a vinyl specialist. In the words of Kev Reason, ‘Max is the bollocks’. Max's sets are raw and edgy. Pato Vidal Pato Vidal has an impressive musical CV. Having played bass guitar for some of the world’s best know acts including electro act Sexcassettes, she currently holds a DJ residency at Zigfrids. Her ability as a musician and her depth of knowledge is showcased in her sets. Also featuring; 'THIS IS NOT A RAVE' pumping out a wide range of sounds from Deep House through to techno and electro. with residents: Si Edkins Tommi Nic Liu Pressplay_dj £5 before 11:30pm £8 after Say 'Habit Electro Guestlist' at the door
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